Thursday, October 22, 2009

Suck that Thumb!

After 3 1/2 years of avid devotion to the art of thumb sucking, Boo, per the advice of his dentist, will kiss his oppose able digit goodbye.
No, we are not chopping it off, but we will be stopping it from dwelling in his mouth before I have to bankrupt myself on braces in ten years.
I did the research and ordered a product with great recommendations that should be arriving in the mail by this weekend.
If it, unlike my other mail, isn't high jacked by my deranged mailman for some house built out of mail and junk.
So we will enter the fray of a mad preschooler who can't get his thumb sucking fix. We'll suffer through detox.
We'll bounce off the padded walls while Boo wails and moans the loss of his beloved thumb.
We just hope it works.
And that our middle child doesn't fall off the wagon and go on a thumb sucking bender to rival all benders. Think "The Long Weekend" Boo style.
*slurp! slurp!*

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