Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things I've learned from my children

There are some things I've learned just by becoming a parent, and I thought I'd share. These are mostly things my children have taught me, from their perspective.

A full diaper is fun--to paint with. Daddy is so excited when he wakes up to see his son's artistry on the walls.

And, yes, you will eventually kiss a child who takes said poop and tastes it. Eventually.

Three toothbrushes and a Pez dispenser makes Daddy very unhappy when flushed down the toilet.

The heart attack mama has when you aren't in your bed first thing in the morning is fun to watch. The gasping, flapping, and flailing as she races through the house in terror is better than a movie. As you watch it from under your brothers bed.

No matter how bad what you did was, mama won't be able to stay mad if you give her puppy dog eyes and murmur "I love you." Daddy won't last past the puppy dog eyes.

Killing a sibling, or even trying to, will get you grounded. Maiming a sibling will get you sent to your room.

When a child gets hurt on daddy's watch, quickly turn on him. Mama will be angry at him and give the child a cookie.

Possession is nine tenths of the law. But everything is owned by mama. Everything. And if you don't think so, just ask her. She'll tell you it is.

Thirty is a magic age. The children can date, drive, marry, finish medical school, move out, and play with sharp objects the minute they turn thirty. Not a second before.

Mostly I've learned to laugh through tears, to hold my babies tightly before I have to let them go, and to enjoy chubby sweaty hands holding my own.

Not perfectly. Not always. No easily.

But I have learned. Invaluable lessons in patience, acceptance, perseverence, and protectiveness.

I have learned how to live with my heart in three other bodies.

And my lessons keep coming.

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