Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's done!

Ten years ago, The Man and I bought our first home, owner finance, in need of some love.
Two years later, we moved out and began renting it.
Last October we put it on the market.
One week later we had a cash buyer.
One month later, we found out we couldn't sell the home until it went through probate because of once piece of paper that was done wrong.
Five months we have waited to close on this sale.
Five months our buyer has waited patiently for this home.
Five months, our first home has sat, empty, alone, waiting for new life to be breathed into it.
Five months we have fought and wept and worried over the sale of this house.
And today, it will be done. By 1:30 this afternoon, I will be down to one home, and a very nice man will be up one.
I will bid farewell to the house I sweated and slaved over, the house I lost my baby in.
My life will become infinately simpler today.
And I will breathe a sigh of relief that it is done.
Today, when I found out, I danced behind my desk in three inch heels and miraculously didn't break my neck. If I had, I would have held the pen in my teeth and still signed the closing papers somehow.
Today is a day of such profound financial relief I can't even describe it.
I've learned a very valuable lesson.
There are good people. There are people whose word in their bond. And goo dthings will truly come to you if you are kind to others.
It is a reminder that, after our last renter, I needed.
It is a reminder that, while there are many people out there without morals or concious or any selblemce of honesty in their souls, there are people, who like us, try to do what is best, what is right.
And that feels pretty damned good today.

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