Sunday, February 20, 2011

That's what they were made for

Although I rarely sing the praises of any politician, I find I must holla for a presidents wife!
Thank you, Michelle Obama!
Why, you ask? Because she's pushing for tax breaks for nursing mothers.
Because she's on board with the Breast is Best campaign.
Now, let me begin with a simple disclaimer. If your titties couldn't produce enough milk, or your baby needed special formula, or you just made the choice to bottle feed, I still applaud you.
Why? (Again with the question!)
Because being a mama is hard enough without someone telling your that you are feeding your baby the wrong stuff, that your baby won't bond with you if you give it a bottle, that you are making an inferior choice.
I will not look down on a mama who doesn't nurse, for whatever reason, because I"m pretty blasted sure I'm doing something else that is wrong as a parent and I hate the nana-nana-boo-boo bitchiness that pervades motherhood enough as is.
But I am thrilled to see a push for more BFing education, help paying for supplies (pumps are expensive), and a mandated room to pump in workplaces that isn't a toilet stall.
I am a lactivist. I nursed/pumped for all three of my babies and, even though my boobs aren't once what they were (I think they are heading south to reach Rio and get some much needed rest and relaxation), and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
i donated milk to a milk bank because I had too much. Because I do believe its liquid gold and could help another mama out.
As for me and my family, we will serve the boob.
But I refuse to be militant about it for anyone but me.
It was my choice to nurse, my choice to whip out lefty to nurse a hungry baby. It was not, however, my choice to flash people. That was my child's choice, and I'm sure the people who saw my orangutan titties are scarred to this day.
It was my choice to pump and freeze and cart a torture device whose sole function was to drag my boobs across the room several times a day.
It was my choice, and, I know in my heart, it was the right one for me and mine.
So, I salute Mrs. Obama, just like I salute mothers everywhere who are making the best choice for their children.
And even though this milk goat is dry, my body still knows the feel of a hungry baby, held to my breast, and knows my bodies response was how it was intended to be.
For me.
For mine.
We will worship the boob.

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