Thursday, December 16, 2010

Third child syndrome

I have three children.
It's a bit of surprise to me every time I say it that I do have three, not because they're not under my feet every minute of every day, but because it seems impossible I'm old enough.
But I've done the mama thing for over six years now and I'm noticing something.
With Bug, I was on top of eveyrthing. Pictures especially. We have pictures of every part of his life fron in utero on.
With Boo, still doing good, but a lot of pictures shared with Bug.
But they were still on our walls in a strong showing of mini testosterone pride.
And then there's Punk.
Whose in two pictures.
Both before she was one.
I suck.
I suck ho ho's.
My boys are now being documented in school photos on my walls.
Punk still has two.
Not because we don't take pictures. We do. With great enthusiasm.
But we don't do anything with them.
They live on our computer.
Until today.
I ordered pictures.
Of Punk.
And several of them have brother bookends, but there are a few solo ones.
I think the child will be pleased that I've finally acknowledged her existence in our family.
But I still suck.
Because I know I've done better. I can do better.
Maybe with my grandchildren?

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Tara said...

As the baby of the family, trust me when I say that will be the least of the guilt trips she will be lobbing at you over the years. :)