Monday, November 16, 2009

My daughter, the mute

Punk has begun a new stage of non speaking.
That's not to say she doesn't communicate, but we have reverted to a strange early form of speech and action that leave me playing charades.
And i hate charades.
Ask her question that doesn't have a yes or no answer? She stares at you.
Ask her a yes or no question? Watch carefully for the small nod or shake of her head.
It's so minute, if you blink, you'll miss it.
And then she screams.
And heaven help you if you try to out guess her.
Then she really screams.
This morning, for example, I was having tea and toast. She was having milk and a breakfast bar. She finished her bar, so I gave her my toast. Which she looked at, grunted once, and waited until I turned my back to eat.
But when I asked her if it was good, I think I saw a small nod.
May have just been a trick of light.
Lest you think she has completely reverted to a nonverbal state, she does still say several word loudly and with great gusto.
Three to be exact.

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