Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hail to our veterans!

The Man is a Veteran. Twice over.
And while I make fun of one of his wars being about oil and greed, I do appreciate that he felt compelled to serve his country.
I couldn't drive my car without him.
And he was a big boat.
(I just love to hear him scream)
I have a special soft spot for veterans. My grandpa and Daddy were both veterans. The Man, who has a soft spot in general, is, of course, a veteran. Of the Gulf War and Operation freedom.
While I don't agree with the Military (Capital letter--government) I do support the military (small letter--the people). They are simply doing what they believe is right, serving their conscious and their country.
That I can get behind any day.
So when you see a veteran handing out flowers for donations, pony up. They've earned it and more.

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