Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ten hut!

Today is Veteran's Day.
Despite what you may think, it is not a day just to get off work.
It is a day that recognizes the sacrifices of our military men and women, who should be honored 365 days a year.
Yup, I'm married to a veteran of two wars, daughter and granddaughter of veterans. My husband is proud of his service, as were my daddy and grandpa.
And I am proud of them.
Today is a day you should look that veteran selling paper flowers outside of a donut shop straight in the eye and say, "Thank you." And then you should buy one of those flowers and display it proudly.
You should teach your children to understand the sacrifices made by these men and women. And to understand that not every one came home.
You should look at the man with no legs, wearing a American flag, and understand that his sacrifice was so you could elect a President, go to school, and live freely.
You should do this every day or every year, but I understand that we are human and we get too busy to think about our veterans.
So, just for today, remember why you are and American. It was not just a fluke of being born in this country. It was because someone, somewhere, stood tall and proud, laying down their live so we would not have to.
Our freedom was bought with the blood of men and women, with the tears of grieving wives and mothers, with pain, sorrow, and sweat. And to forget that is to forget what it means to be an American.
Even though the men in my life are Navy men, I think they'll understand when I say, "Hoorah, baby!"

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