Sunday, November 23, 2008

Game Show Snobbery

Now, I love me some game shows.
But I am a bit of a snob.
I don't like Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, or any game I consider pedestrian and pedantic (words learned from game shows, BTW!).
Nope, I like the brain teasing, make ya think shows like Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
Alex Trebeck giving the answer makes me happy, and truthfully, a little hot under the collar. Who doesn't get a little bothered and sweaty by a man holding all the right answers in life?
And I would so do Millionaire. Meredith and I? We would be legendary! History making.
Let me just say I am a trivia junkie.
No, not a trivia junkie. The trivia junkie.
How many times did Dorothy's hair change lengths in the Wizard of Oz? Four!
Ask another!
I'm ready!
Do you hear the Jeopardy theme music, or is it just me?
My family won't play trivia games against me anymore. They fear the all powerful, all knowing brainiac I am. (Or is it because of the insufferable chit I become when winning? Hmmm.)
Seriously, I love the challenge of trying to pull some piece of obscure information I may or may not know out of my wazoo and presenting it as fact.
It's a rush like no other.
Better than sex, drugs, rock and roll, and anything else you might name.
Except chocolate and Pepsi.
That's my line. Drawing it in the sand.
Other people share my obsession, including the bloggers at and
What's your game show get off? Come on! Share! We're friends, aren't we?
And I won't tell!
Oh! Jeopardy's on!
I'm coming, Alex!

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