Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote!

Or do like me and close your eyes, mark someone, and hope for the best.
Is it my imagination, or are our political choices becoming increasingly unsavory?
I am terrified of either person, Obama or McCain, in office, because they are simply politicians playing the game.
They will promise us everything they think we want to hear until they are elected, then the promises will fly out the window faster than a helium balloon in a hurricane.
Candidates make more promises than a sex starved man trying to get the last woman on earth to put out. And once they have what they want, just like that man, the promises will suddenly be forgotten.
Politics is a business and these officials are in the business to make money. Somewhere, underneath their slicked up veneer and political rhetoric, they might care a small amount about my family trying to make ends meet, but only until it affects their own pocket books.
They will not get us out of Iraq neatly. They will not stop the recession, improve health care, save social security, cuts taxes, or anything else. They will become slaves to the system and either learn to go with it or get run over.
The United States needs to revamp their election promise. We need real people, not politicians in office and leading this country. Only then will you find middle America, main street represented. Only then will our country crawl out of the cess pool it is wallowing in, wipe the shit off our faces, and stand proud.
I will vote today because it is both a right and a duty. But I won't like the outcome, no matter who wins.

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