Friday, August 8, 2008

Theological foreplay

It is no mystery that my husband and I have different religious/spiritual beliefs.
Really? You're surprised?
Just to clear the air . . . I'm married to one of those people.
You know the ones. Christians.
(Okay, I'm joking. Not about being married a Christian but with the "those" people comments. Some of my best friends, The Man excluded 'cause he's on the list, are Christians.)
He and I have very different religious views. He's Christian, and, for lack of a better term, I'm pagan.
Before you get your knickers in a twist, that does not involve worshipping Satan. Really, horned guys don't do a thing for me. Now horny guys . . . well, that's a different matter entirely.
While my husband believes the doctrine and creed of Christianity, I hold to a view that doesn't disbelieve in any religion. Instead, I believe they are all parts of a greater whole. I believe that we all take the portion that makes sense to us, because our fragile human minds could not grasp or fathom the entirety of the Divine.
Nope, no disbelief here.
But I am curious why Christians feel the need to do some things.
Tithing? Completely in the dark there. Your God doesn't want your money--He/She could make their own very easily. Nope, the church wants it. Hmmmmm. I wonder why?
Baptizing is another. You want to be dunked in tap water to wash away your sins? In treated tap water, not even purified bottled water. Just straight from teh tap with all the chemicals and stuff? Not exactly what I would call holy water.
And what's with the proselytizing? Can't you be happy in your own spirituality without chasing down innocent people to share the Word of Christ? If we want the word, we'll find you. I promise. Scout's honor.
Truthfully, some Christians remind me of pushy Amway people--always there when you don't want them and they just won't leave you alone.
If someone is happy in themselves, is at peace with themselves, has their own belief system, why do you feel the need to intrude?
We're happy. We're healthy. We have a relationship--or not--with the Divine. Our choice, not yours.
Are you so insecure in your own choice that you have to force it upon others? Or are you so blinded by your own beliefs that you cannot see that, though we are all moving towards the same end point, we're all just walking different paths?
My path runs parallel to The Man's. Hopefully, (be proud honey 'cause this is killing me to type this) I'll meet him in the end zone. He'll be the one strutting like a drunk chicken about to drop dead.
"Yep, that's my man there. Ain't he swell?"
Just leave me to my path and I'll leave you to yours.

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sus79 said...

Do I dare say "Amen"? Oh, I crack myself up! :) But seriously, I KNOW!!!