Monday, August 4, 2008

The power of boys

Did you know boys have power?
It's kind of like the girl power stuff that was all the rage a few years ago.
What power, you ask?
Well, for one, they appear to be indestructible--in their own minds.
My boys have discovered the oh so fun world of furniture diving. Right onto a not terribly full, not so secure bean bag chair positioned in the middle of the living room floor--the hardwood floor.
Bug is smart enough to test drive it on Boo. I guess he figures if Boo breaks his neck, it wasn't a good idea. Boo, being the happy, amiable child he is, goes along--flying through the air and landing with a thump that makes my body hurt just to hear it.
Another power? Superhuman appetites.
When motivated, they can out eat an adult. Bug inhaled four corn dogs and an order of fries--Boo followed with two corn dogs and fries--then begged for desert.
I don't know where they put in on their skinny boy frames. If I ate like that . . . . I'd look like I do right now.
Third power? Glass shattering screams--both of abject terror (aka Mom's Mad and everyone run!) or joy (normally elicited by their foolish father who thinks its funny to hear them screaming as he sits on them and passes gas). Or maybe I had the emotions in those examples backwards, because the second would make me scream in terror.
My children, my boys especially, are amazing in the things they concoct to do, say, think, enact, or even breath upon. Every day is an adventure for which I am poorly prepared.
As a girl, albeit an old one, I never would have considered half the stuff they have already tried.
And the best is yet to come.
Admittedly, I kind of like my boys. When they are freshly bathed, sweet smelling, and asleep. Unfortunately, I most often get them covered in sweat and other substances, yelling, running, belching, and farting.
Sneaking in after they've gone to sleep to watch them is a joy.
Surviving their alert hours is an experience.
The best part of the whole deal?
I still have a daughter to bring up the rear and a whole new set of adventures elicited by another gendered child.

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Heidi said...

OMG! You speak the truth woman!! I have a stepson who is 10 years. He is completely foreign to me. I am still getting used to all that crazy stuff. My fav though is the questions he asks me - why do my balls itch? Dude, go ask your dad. I don't have the same parts. But at the same time, my kid can totally still sit in my lap, holding my hand and telling me how much me loves me. Ahhh! Oh and their hair drys way faster than girls! Bonus! Visiting for bloggy recession.