Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to school

It's that time again. Back to school.
Fortunately, I'm still a BTS (back to school) virgin. My kids aren't quite old enough. But this is the last year I won't be thrown into the fray of binders, school supplies, and new clothes.
Bug will be four the end of September, so his birthday is too late for him to start school this year. (Although he's big enough he looks like he could whoop a second graders tail!)
But next year, our lives will begin revolving around school days, activities, field trips, etc.
Luckily, The Man will make a great homeroom dad.
(Me? I barely tolerate my own kids most days, let alone anyone elses. You think I'm willingly walking into a class of 20+ 4 years olds?)
Seriously, it's hard to believe that baby I once held in my arms now looks like a school age child.
I found myself holding him this weekend, sniffing his hair.
Which, although freshly shampooed, was most definitely not scented with Ode de Baby. It was just Boy Stank.
As I tried to curl my arms around his long, bony frame, I remembered feeling his soft, squishy weight after he was born.
Looking at those ski's we call feet, I could remember when they were small enough to cup in my hand.
I can also remember when that child didn't look quite so much like his father and looked more like his stunningly hot mama.
Those were the days.
Then i looked at my middle child, my Boo, realizing I only have two years before he starts the same vicious cycle. In the past two weeks, he has ceased to look like a chubby toddler, shooting up and slimming down just like his big brother.
For the first time, I can see the man my boys will one day be.
Let me just say now, they will be hotties.
And the female sex--and the male sex-- better stay away until they have their PHd's and even then, should only sniff around if they want their noses rearranged.
Not kidding.
I'm teaching Punk to hit first and ask questions later.
It's sad to realize that they are growing up so quickly.
It's sad to realize that my body remembers every time I hold them how small they once were.
It's sad to realize that by the time they are in fourth grade, they'll most likely be taller than I am at this rate.
My babies are growing up far to fast.
But not fast enough to pay for some of the groceries they are scarfing down.
Life just isn't fair.

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