Tuesday, September 7, 2010

These are the days

Of our lives. (Thank you MacDonald Carey!)
The construction is almost finished. We're in the home stretch. Which means I'm hoping to be done by Christmas.
The men folk who have been telling me they couldn't be rushed, things had to go at their own pace, have now begun rushing me to pick paint and wall texture and carpet.
Now they are waiting on me, and I kind of like it.
It's very Southern Belle of me to expect them to bow and serve me in my slightest whims.
Just call me Katie Scarlet, thank you very much.
The heathens have settled into school nicely. Bug is doing well. He has people there who know his game ahead of time and aren't taking any crap!
Seriously, they understand that his brilliant little brain sees the world in only black and white and those two colors don't make grey.
We have had no meltdowns. No fits, and only a few smaller incidents that go along with being six as well as having AS.
We'll take it.
Boo got into trouble at school for the first time last week. I almost fell over that my easy child, my pleaser, got into trouble.
The Man made him apoligize, but still, it's the principal of the thing. I can't have all three heathens be troublemakers. What kind of screwed up karmic biddy slap would that be?
I blame it all on their father's DNA.
I was a good child.
No matter what my mother says.

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