Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Someone pass me the lube?

Because I feel like I've been screwed.
I try to live a life that involves helping people.
Not all people, because, let's face it, some of you just aren't worth helping.
But some people are. And I try to help them.
And I continually get screwed without a 'thank you'.
Today was no different.
Someone I have helped for five long years. Someone I have given charity to, listened to, worried about, and tried to help out when we didn't have a pot to piss in.
I didn't expect a thank you.
I mean, one would have been nice and a show of good upbringing and manners, but still, wasn't necessary.
But instead she turned on me like a rabid skunk, biting me and smelling up the place as she walked away.
Cackling like a bleached blonde Brune Hilde. Not a pretty sight on a woman approaching the Geritol years.
I normally have no problem with verbal take downs, but I had all three heathens with me, so I bit my tongue almost completely off.
And I resisted the urge to follow her home and run her ass over.
I'm feeling remarkably mature right now.
Just me and my voodoo doll.
But I seriously don't understand why, when you've tried to help people out, they turn on you. Is it shame? Guilt? Hillbilly inbreeding?
I have decided, when I am Queen of the Universe (the election is next week--vote for me!) people with good hearts who get screwed over by demented cackling trolls who should step away from the Clairol before all their brain cells rot out will be visited by a special ops group simply called COSMIC BITCH SLAP. Their mission, which they will always choose to accept, is to slap the person into reality five, ten fifty times. How ever many times it takes for the synopses to start firing again and for them to realize where exactly they went wrong.
I have a few candidates already in mind.
Don't you?

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