Friday, April 9, 2010

Out of the mouths of heathens

Two days ago, our toilet starts acting up. Being the suspicious mother I am, I immediately start eyeballing the two year old.
Today, The Man finally showed his true plumbers crack and snaked the hell out of it, only to discover . . .
A child's toothbrush.
The Man: Who put this in there?
Boo: Not me, but his name starts with 'B'.
The Man: Bug, did you do this? (after the whimpered affirmative) Why?
Bug: Because the trash can was getting too full, Daddy. (At this point, my husband shut up because he was having flashbacks to him telling his parents the same reason when he flushed a tube of toothpaste down the toilet.)
A few minutes later, The Man overhears the following:
Bug (whispering to Boo): How do you think any army man would go down the potty. Would he spin round and round really fast?


Mike , Chell , JD & Liam said...

LOL , Ahhhhh the Joys of little boys ! Hang in there , it can't get much worse, Can it???? LMAO ........ I only laugh cause I have been there and done that and know whats ahead for you and Scott ! yes I was smart ( or was it dumb enough ) to have more Boys of my own and do it allllllllll again ! Eeekkkkk ~Hugs and Best of LUCK to you both , XOXOXOXOXOX

Tara said...

The Man should have made sure the boys overheard HIM asking you if the boys would go down on their bellies... :)