Thursday, April 15, 2010


There are many ways to discipline a child, raging from time outs to swats to losing privileges.
My new fave?
This last week, two of my sons put three items down the toilet, resulting in much stress and labor on the parts of The Man and I.
As a result, they did chores for two nights straight.
They picked up dog poop, pulled weeds, scrubbed bathrooms (bathtubs and toilets and i didn't even let them use a toilet brush!), and then thy finished it by hauling limbs.
My children were tired and sore.
And they could tell you exactly why they were in a work camp at that moment.
They worked until I was over my mad.
Believe me. It took a while.
So now our new punishment will result in a clean house and a well groomed lawn.
Even if my boys don't learn, our place will look fab-u-lous!

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