Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time flies

Time flies by on gilded wings of a thousand doves.
That promptly shit on me, my car, and the damned dog.
The silver lining? Silver plated.
The cup half full? Of congealed Pepsi that won't let go to slip to the bottom of the cup.
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Got there too late.
I'm feeling a bit surly for multiple reasons.

1. Three sick kids.
2. One teething baby.
3. A four year old who refuses to put on his shoes before walking outside.
4. The Man's work comp thing dragging on again.
5. Holidays.
6. My baby girl walked without me there today.

I won't go into great detail because, well, it would turn into a gritch fest of monumental proportions and not make me feel one bit better. And it won't fix anything.
My kids will have to get better on their own. if not,the Giant pain in my ass Schnauzer has dug a couple of good sized holes that I can use. (I'm joking! Harvey would have to dig the holes a bit deeper to suit my needs)
The baby girl's teeth will come in on their own or we'll invest in baby dentures.
The four year old will learn his lesson walking barefoot in the snow while I trudge along, waiting for a neighbor to call DHS on me for child abuse.
I didn't expect the WC case to speed along. I wasn't born yesterday, and my wrinkles and gray hairs (growing from my chin) attest to that. But still, it's been six months and we're still plodding along and getting nowhere fast.
The holidays are just a pain in my ass. Three kids. Limited funds. Blah.
And my baby walked today and I wasn't there to see it. She saved that milestone for her daddy, not me, and I missed the entire freaking deal.
So I'm little grumpy, testy, bitchy, and volatile. And did I mention hostile?
I'm looking for that damned leprechaun. He'll give me the sticking gold once I'm done with him.

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