Friday, December 26, 2008

Sweet baby girl

My baby turns one today.
Last year at this time, I was recovering from my c-section and suffering a spinal headache which made it impossible for me to open my eyes and see my newborn daughter.
I had brief glimpes of her--red faced and angry, tiny at 7lb 8 ounces. But soon enough the nausea took over and I had to return to the darkness.
One year later, I have an active, happy little girl, who, while still tiny, is a spitfire and a clown. Unlike one year ago, my daughter demands my attention and doesn't settle for eyes closed in respite.
My daughter has claimed me as her own more effectively than her brotehrs ever did. Punk will not take no for an answer, and leaves myself, her father, and her brothers standing in her wake watching a 20 pound baby drawl all over us.
She is a joy and a pain, a bully and a snuggler, a brat and an angel. She is perfect in her own way.
So today, she turns one year old, a momentous occassion in every person's life. it is thE beginning of yearly celebrations and aging, of milestones and growth.

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