Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have been remiss in my writing.
I know this.
But between the demands of family, return to school, work, and household remodel, I don't have five minutes to breathe, let alone to gather my thoughts and put fingers to keyboard.
Something had to give, and my writing was it.
Which is sad, because I take a great pleasure in putting my ideas down, in formatting my thoughts into something that takes the chaos of my mind and makes it seem linear and logical.
But,as a wife, a mother, a woman, I have to put myself last in life.
If I don't, things simply won't get done.
My children won't have their school supplies or clean clothes.
My cars won't have gas in them.
Appointments won't be made.
Groceries won't be bought.
The functional portion of my world would simple cease to function.
Not that The Man wouldn't try to fill in the gaps. He would. But he possesses an entirely different skills set, and stepping into my high heels would result in a topple of epic proportions.
We each have our strengths, and after almost sixteen years of marriage, we have settled into a comfortable coexistence where he does his thing, I do mine, and our lives move at a decent pace in a semi straight line.
He handles the physical part of our lives, the yard work, the remodel, the housework, the grunt work that I hate to do. He is the muscle and sweat of this marriage.
I deal with the finances, the bills, the schedule, the appointments, the schools, the doctors, the more disciplined and planned portion of our lives.
Between the two of us, there's very little we can't accomplish.
Well, except for winning an argument with Punk. That has us both bested.
So I have been remiss in taking time for myself.
Tonight, I took our Giant Schnauzer, Harvey Wallbanger, and we walked two miles without having to speak to another living soul. It was peaceful and cerebral and once of those moments where I had nothing to do but simply be.
And when we finished our trek, walking back up to the house with my children standing outside yelling "Go, Mommy!" it was a reward for my remiss behavior.
That moment was a reminder of my I have been MIA. Because sometimes, there are things in life far more important than a quiet walk or thoughtful words.

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