Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chasing the wind

Growing up, I was always told I could be anything I wanted to be.
And I believed it.
I still do.
I still believe it so much I tell my heathens that they can be the president or a doctor or whatever, they just have to find their star and reach for it.
A child needs that damned star, after all.
But, as an adult, while I still know I could be most things I want to be, some things will continue to elude me. I'm pretty sure I'll never be a fashion model or a size two. NASA isn't going to come calling for a new idea on the space shuttles. And I'm probably never going to win a Nobel Prize.
I know now that there is still a star out for me. It's patiently waiting for me. And I know that, while reaching for that star, I got distracted by some lovely leaves blowing in the wind and decided to chase them instead.
Dreams change. I use to dream of publishing books, being rich, and having it all.
Now I dream of happy, healthy kids, writing for pleasure, and having enough.
While I once dreamed of overwhelming happiness, I now find myself happy with being content. Because I know who I am, and she's not the girl I once was, but she's one tough mama whose mostly got her priorities straight.
The other dreams are there, but they know they simply can't shine as bright as my new dreams.
My new dreams are not for myself, but for my babies. My new dreams involve making sure they have what they need and some of what they want. That they know they were wanted, loved, and the best gifts with purchase I could have ever asked or.
I still dream big. And I'm still reaching. But I'm reaching with my arms full of my babies, trying to get them just a few inches closer to their stars.
I love my leaves, so bright and beautiful. And I wouldn't give up chasing them for all the stars in the sky.

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