Monday, November 1, 2010


Five days and a lot of pain meds later, I've realized my mouth will never be the same.
Not only do I have stitches in my gums that resemble strange black worms, my front teeth and everything in between hurts.
How can teeth not touched hurt worse than the holes in my jaw?
It makes no sense.
Add to that the fact that I still can't eat comfortably, not even soup goes down easy, and it's a problem.
Its a problem that I have two huge bags of Halloween candy in my house and I can't even take a little nibble.
It's a problem that every time I drink something, I wince.
It's a problem that I'm upright and back at work, when all I want is to crawl into bed and pop another pain med.
This whole thing is one big, freaking problem.
And now I'm done whining.

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