Monday, July 5, 2010

Yes, my son has Aspergers and you can kiss my butt

That's going to be my new bumper sticker.
I have a diagnosis.
Aspergers Syndrome.
My son has it.
I am researching and reading and gearing up to be the best mama bear I can be.
I am forbidding friends and family from uttering the words "I'm sorry" because I can't be.
To be sorry, I would have to be sorry that my Bug is the child he is. I would have to want to change this part of what makes him who he is.
And I won't apologize for my wacky, affectionate, brilliant baby boy.
And I won't have anyone else's issues making him think he's anything less than the perfect Bug.
Does that mean I won't be riding his butt to improve just like I do his siblings?
Hellz no!
If I ever let hi get away with something just because of a diagnosis, someone slap me into the middle of next week because I will have lost my ever loving mind.
I will push him, shove him, nudge him, cajole him, and drag him where he needs to go. But I'll do it in a way that he can do.
And I won't take any lip from him or anyone else about it being a disability.
The only disability is the one you let it turn in to.
Bug will be the best Bug he can be, with As, despite AS, because of AS.
And anyone who thinks otherwise can just bite me.
In the AS.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Especially poignant with me b/c my just-turned, just-started Kindgergarten two days ago son is a 'free-sprited' child to say the least. He's my world and my light.
Since he was very young I started to wonder if he might be high-functioning Autistic/or perhaps Asperger's.....a lot of the signs are there, except for speech-delay, he's always been a talker, but oftentime's can speak in repetive ways, sometimes not. If you don't mind me asking how old was your son when you received the official diagnosis? In pre-K towards the end w/mine I began to hear things from the Director, now I'm bracing myself to hear something from his new school, especially since he's in the public-system. Just curious as a Mom who is worried about her son, but loves him all the same just like you do for all of his 'quirky-ness', would'nt change him for the world. I know you know exactly what I mean. :)

Anonymous said...

BTW; I tried to get him evaulated w/his DR. but was basically brushed-off, even after she told me that he "might have PDD".....but unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover any further evaulations.